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Um, okay. I didn't think this was the place to put this, but DeviantArt says it is, so here I go.

I'm angry. Angry at my government, the US government. They are ruining this country. I'm not talking about either party here, they're all to blame. Not just the President and Congress, but all the major federal departments as well, such as the CDC, and DHS, and NSA. And just for good measure let's throw in the Department of Education, student loans being the reason for their inclusion.

Seriously. Banning flights to Israel, for no good reason, but not banning flights to countries stricken with a fatal disease that is easily spread from person to person? And bringing those people back to our country? Have you gone completely insane??

Another thing, the US/Mexico border. SHUT IT DOWN, NOW. Send all the illegal immigrants home. To their own country. This is becoming a legitimate security THREAT. Especially with the information coming out that confirms that ISIS is all set up A MILE SOUTH OF THE US/MEXICO BORDER. Which is unguarded and left wide open! With how our current leadership is treating all these illegal immigrants, I would honestly not be surprised if ISIS members were offered "free" healthcare and other privileges that they don't have to pay for, the moment they step over the border, ready to kill civilians because the US government has no problem with keeping terrorists out of our country, and also has no problem with trying to make it easier for US civilians to be killed! Examples of that last statement being true could include the following:
-US/Mexico Border Crisis
-US Government violating the 2nd Amendment
-US Government spying on its own citizens
-US Government making it very difficult for citizens trying to leave this country
-US Government not banning flights to countries with Ebola, or even just banning people sick with Ebola from flying
-Failure of Operation Fast and Furious
-US Government legally threatening the parents of James Foley

I think it is time for a MAJOR change. In that, I agree with Obama. However, the change I think we need is much different. I think the US government needs to be reminded that it is the CITIZENS who hold the power, and that it is the GOVERNMENT which needs to fear the PEOPLE, not the other way around! In the words of Nickelback, whom you may or may not like but it is the message that counts, "We're standing on the Edge of a Revolution."
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United States
I'm not an artist. I have dabbled in art in the past, with freehand drawing as well as printmaking and a few other forms of art, but I'm not going to claim to be good at it. I'm not. I may be decent at best. Either way, I do have a few images I don't mind sharing, so feel free to browse. Not all the images I upload will be mine, and I don't claim ownership of any of them. I do claim ownership of the images that are mine, and I would hope that my ownership of my images is/are respected.
Thank you.

P.S. - Given that this page is under my control, I reserve the right to act like a tyrant and censor any comments on my page that I find offensive in any way. Basically, keep it civil, or keep it away.

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